List of projects presented during the last day at EPFL:

  • Cities morphogenesis: gamification and mapping (Paul Bouman, Liubov Tupikina & Claire Lagesse)

  • The detection of citation cartels in Web of Science over time (1997-2017) (Muhmmad Qasim Pasta, MassimoStella, Liubov Tupikina, Furkan Gursoy & Jef Vlegels)

  • An integrated modelling approach to social complexity: the role of environment and innovation (Dries Daems, Francesca Larosa & Mehdi Bida)

  • Network approaches to measuring ecosystem service stability (Kate Wootton, Anshuman Swain & Sanja Selakovic)

  • Opinion Dynamics and Associative Diffusion (Anna Keuchenius, Sabin Roman, Chico Camargo, Anamika Shreevastava, Irene Malvestio, Mikołaj Biesaga, Lea Hildebrandt & Alexandre Bovet)

  • Small data - how to understand health data? (Irene Malvestio, Anshuman Swain & Liubov Tupikina)

  • Effect of news feed ranking on opinion coexistence in Reddit-like platforms (Alexey Medvedev, Aleksandra Aloric, Javier Garcia-Bernardo & Furkan Gursoy)

  • GruyèrePapers (Andreia Sofia Teixeira, Jarosław Klamut, Johannes Lohmann & Javier Garcia-Bernardo)

  • National jokes (Leto Peel, Aleksandra Aloric, Claire Lagesse, Carlo Campajola, Matteo Cinelli, Javier Garcia-Bernardo & Leo Pen)

  • Comparing electoral systems with ABM (Mateusz Wilinski, Paul Bouman, Carlo Campajola, Andreia Sofia Teixeira, Iulia Martina Bulai, Jarosław Klamut, Roger Cremades, Leonardo Zavojanni & Claire Lagesse)

  • Complexity of music networks (Johannes Lohmann, Alexandre Bovet, Anshuman Swain, Matteo Mazzamurro & Robert Lieck)

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